The 2008 Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree came from Hamilton, New Jersey. The ’08 Tree was donated by the Varanyak family. Tree Facts from the 2008 Tree Facts Postcard (photo by Bart Barlow): Norway Spruce. 72 feet tall, 40 feet wide. Approximately 82 years old. Weight- approximately 16,000 pounds. 30,000 LED lights. (This was the second year that LED bulbs were used on the Tree). A portion of the electrical energy used to light the Tree came from a new installation of photovoltaic panels installed in 2007 on the roof of 45 Rockefeller Plaza. The Tree was topped with a crystal star designed by Swarovski. The 550 pound star is 9 feet in diameter and 1.5 feet deep. It is decorated with 25,000 crystals, with one million facets. The Tree was lighted on December 3, 2008. The Tree’s last day on Rockefeller Plaza was January 9, 2009.